An Exceptional Experience for Pets and their Owner

Animal Hospital of the Sierra understands the special role your pets play. We are dedicated to helping your pets lead healthy and active lives. Our health care team combines compassion and expertise for optimal results. We are proud of our efforts to offer a difference you can experience. Your pet’s health and comfort are our primary concerns.

We are located in Oakhurst, California and provide the complete spectrum of veterinary care for your pet. Services include hospital and clinic care, veterinary surgery, digital x-rays, EKGs, ultrasounds, pet wellness programs, pet dental care programs, and specialized treatments. Here at Animal Hospital of the Sierra our veterinarians and veterinary staff care for your pet like we would our own.

The veterinarians and staff of Animal Hospital of the Sierra consists of a group of people that believe veterinary medicine is not just their job but their way of life. We attend continuing education seminars every year so we can provide the best up to date care possible for your pet. We love all animals and feel that without them in our lives we would be less complete and lack fulfillment.

At our animal hospital, it isn’t unusual to find one of our technicians holding and cradling a sick dog, carrying on a conversation with a homesick cat, fluffing a pillow for a sleepy puppy, or carrying around a recovering surgical patient to monitor the vital signs more closely. In fact, it’s just a normal day at AHS. With heating blankets, continuous EKG heart monitors, and IV fluid pumps (just to name a few); we pride ourselves on the ability to give pets the most modern and innovative nursing care while maintaining a caring and compassionate relationship with them all.

At Animal Hospital of the Sierra, surgical patients have I.V. catheters and fluids, pre-surgical pain medication, and take home pain medication in order to ensure a pain-free experience and a smooth recovery. We assess any risk factors in your pet with pre-surgical blood work, pre-anesthetic physical examinations by our doctors, and a good medical history.

Animal Hospital of the Sierra’s capabilities are among the best available, anywhere. Our veterinarians and staff are expertly trained and our diagnostics are state-of-the-art. We’re very proud of the large number of new patient referrals we receive. Whether it’s a chronic and challenging dermatology case or an acute orthopedic trauma, we’re prepared for handling your pet’s every need.